Accessible Fashion

Welcome to our very first blog post. We are so excited to finally go live and to be able to share our products (and story) with you.

Our Story

When our lovely mum was diagnosed with a terminal neurological condition, she quickly became immobile, and this inevitably affected all aspects of life. We found that there was equipment to help with this loss of mobility from walking frames, wheelchairs and hoists and everything in-between. But the thing that we really found difficult to find was clothing that was adapted to fit somebody who had loss of movement. Suddenly, mum’s favourite satin, leopard print blouse became redundant in the wardrobe as she could not manoeuvre her arms into the sleeves. As fashion buyers, this is something we quickly began to think of solutions for. Our mum was part of the think tank coming up with ideas for fashionable, on trend clothing that was accessible. As a result. Fashion/Able (the name thought of by our mum) was born.

At every stage of the disease, the need for accessible clothing became greater for our mum. That is why you will see items on our site that offer different variations of adaptations, from Velcro fastenings to help someone with reduced finger dexterity to Velcro back tops for someone who can no longer move their arms into clothing and requires assistance to dress. We truly believe that any disability can be catered for and nobody should have to sacrifice wearing the clothes they feel happy and confident in because of their mobility limitations.

Every single one of our products has been developed with love and we truly hope that they help you, or your loved one, in one way or another.