What is adapted clothing?

Adapted clothing has been adjusted to help suit the needs of people with additional needs or disabilities which make dressing difficult. Velcro fastenings, back fastenings and elasticated waists are all common adaptations. Fabrication is also used to help make certain disabilities easier such as smooth shiny fabrics to aid movement.

How does adapted clothing work?

The adapted clothing on Fashion/Able has been designed to meet various needs. Some of our items are designed to help with carer assisted dressing such a tops which open at the back. These styles would help if the wearer cannot move their upper body; the carer can pull the top onto them safely and comfortably. These styles are discreet, so nobody would need to know that the top has been adapted. Some of our styles are more suited to a wearer that can dress themselves such as the Velcro front blouses; these blouses are perfect for a wearer who has reduced movement in their hands and fingers as there are no fiddly buttons or fastenings. Again, these adaptations are super discreet so nobody would know that the buttons are not actually functional.

Can I buy wheelchair friendly fashion?

Yes! Some of our styles have been designed with a wheelchair user specifically in mind. Trousers with a higher rise to avoid a breeze on the back area; trousers that are longer in length to avoid riding up and exposing socks/shoes and fabrics that are anti-crease so that sitting down doesn’t cause a crinkly outfit!

Does Fashion/Able sell adapted lingerie?

Yes, so far we have 4 amazing soft bras with front velcro fastenings. Perfect for anybody struggling with fiddly back fastenings. We aim to expand this range in the future.

Does Fashion/Able sell Menswear?

Not yet, but watch this space! We are currently working hard to add Menswear to our site.